Septic Systems

At Home Septic Systems your home is always one step closer to cleaner water.

The Norweco Singulair Green model is one of the most popular septic system solutions for many homes across the state of Arizona. It’s known for its high-quality engineering, wastewater purity and long-lasting performance.  The wastewater treatment system is designed for domestic wastewater flows up to 600 gallons per day, with treatment performance meeting or exceeding the strictest state and county requirement, Singulair Green is certified by NSF International. Singulair Green is available exclusively by factory-trained and licensed dealer like Home Septic Systems.

Home Septic Systems also specializes in designing and installing a variety of other standard and alternative septic tank systems and wastewater treatment solutions. Call 1-833-AZ-SEPTIC  to learn more!

From quality septic tank inspection, septic testing, design and installation, Home Septic Systems provides the best wastewater solutions and maintenance for your home, cabin, or residence.

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