Septic & Soil Testing

Home Septic Systems perform soils testing to determine the position and size of the septic system options available.

Home Septic Systems will typically perform soils testing the same day to determine the land and mineral density. This is done to determine the position and size of the septic system options available. The septic system inspection and soil test are quick and cost-effective to help the homeowner understand what septic tank options will be available for their home or residence.

The test can be completed in as little as 2-3 hours to half a day.  Our team of professional look for vegetation, brush, where the homeowner would like the house to be located, where driveways are located, utilites are located, dig a minimum of three holes 12 feet deep, or refusal – Soil testing Minor excavation is needed to dig down 12 feet to determine the mineral density.

Home Factors / Soil Testing:

  • Lot Size
  • Home Size
  • Home Owners Location Preference
  • Driveway Location
  • Utility Location
  • Brush & Vegetation
  • Fixture units (bathrooms, kithen, other sinks/toilets, other water flowing units)
  • County and/or State Regulation

All soil testing is to ASTM standards to ensure you get the best quality reading for the size and system for one’s wastewater field.



Once a home or residential on-site investigation and soils testing are complete, we are able to help homeowners with septic system design options and installation solutions. Septic solutions may include a standard septic systems or alternative septic systems, like Norweco Singulair Green Model 960. If you’re not sure what are the best septic systems options are for your home or residence, give us a call so we can complete an on-site assessment and soils test to determine the best wastewater solution and septic system for you.

From quality septic tank inspection, septic testing, design and installation, Home Septic Systems provides the best wastewater solutions and maintenance for your home, cabin, or residence.   Call 1-833-AZ-SEPTIC to learn more!

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