Septic Design & Installation

At Home Septic Systems your home is always one step closer to cleaner water.

Home Septic Systems specializes in providing the best quality septic tanks and systems in the marketplace. We are a licensed distributor and dealer for Norweco septic systems and parts. Our experienced team of professionals will provide homeowners with wastewater installation solutions to help you determine what septic system design and installation options are best.

All septic system designs and wastewater treatment solutions ready for installation will be approved by county and or state of Arizona for you home, as long as no on-site excavation, additional fixtures, or construction takes place before or during the septic design, installation, and approval period.  The plan and design with be ADQ approved with quality water and installation for your home or residence. The design will entail, after taking soils report, to determine how big the field.

After taking the soils report, the design will outline and determine how big the field can be for the home or residence. Ultimately the home and lot size determines how big the septic systems can be. However, the soils tests will help determine what type of field you can use (standard systems with regular leech line with rock, alternative drip disposal, chambers systems and pre-treatment field options.) If you have questions or would like to schedule an on-site investigation, give us a call at 1-833-AZ-SEPTIC.

There is no job too big or small at Home Septic Systems and we get the job done right the first-time. That is our guarantee!

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