For more than 25 years, Home Septic Systems has been Designing and Installing septic systems for commercial and residential.

Our on-site septic systems investigation provides homeowners details on what the septic problems are and what septic parts and repairs may be needed.
Home Septic Systems perform soils testing to determine the position and size of the septic system options available.
Home Septic Systems specializes in providing the best quality septic tanks and systems in the marketplace.
The Norweco Singulair Green model is one of the most popular septic system solutions for many homes across the state of Arizona.
Home Septic Systems has the experience and equipment needed to repair your septic tank quickly and correctly.
Home Septic Systems provides fast and efficient sewage pumping for your conventional or aerobic septic system and tanks.
Norweco Singulair Green Model

A popular septic system solution for many homes across the state of Arizona for its engineering, wastewater purity and long-lasting performance. The wastewater treatment system is designed for domestic wastewater flows up to 600 gallons per day, with treatment performance meeting or exceeding the strictest state and county requirement, Singulair Green is certified by NSF International. Singulair Green is available exclusively by factory-trained and licensed dealer like Home Septic Systems.

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Home Septic Systems is a state-wide certified, licensed, bonded, and insured septic system company servicing the state of Arizona since 1992. Home Septic Systems specializes in providing high-quality septic system assessments, on-site septic system and tank investigations, soil testing, septic services, repairs and maintenance, septic designs, excavating, and installation of septic systems.

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At Home Septic Systems, our goal is to provide customers with high-quality septic repair and services, including on-site investigation and soil testing, septic design and installation, maintenance and other major or minor repairs.

Home Septic Systems team of professionals are educated and experienced on variety septic systems designs and models, including Norweco.

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